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Hello Everyone.

posted Jun 2, 2014, 6:59 AM by Andrew Rheaume   [ updated Jun 2, 2014, 7:31 AM ]

"In the end, you will not remember the words of your enemies, 

but the silence of your friends" -Martin Luther King Jr.

How profound my husband Tom and I find this quote after the tragic death of our son, Alex C. Thomas Harrison on February 7th, 2009. Alex was a very unique and wonderful soul. He was a genius, literally, but he did not want his classmates to know that. Sometimes, when you are different for any reason, you can become a target. When people don’t understand you, you can become a target. When you do not defend yourself, and no one else defends you, you can remain a target.

Alex’s bullying was not physical, it was verbal, taunting and rumors about his character,  unkind words in the hallways, in the lunchroom. He did not tell us. He did not tell his favorite teacher, his Scout leaders or his friends. He chose to take it on his own and try to endure. He had great friends, a very nice girlfriend and a large and loving family. His decision to end his life, with the words, “I just can’t take it anymore” has devastated our life and has hit many people and the community hard.

Bullying has been identified as the number one problem facing students today. It’s bigger than drugs, alcohol or sex. It hits even harder because kids can’t escape once they leave school. There’s the cell phones and text messages, IM and Facebook and MYSpace.

In Alex’s honor, and in hopes of making it better, a community group, A.C.T. NOW has formed. It is our mission in life to honor Alex and have him never be forgotten. We have bracelets, T-shirts and car decals which espouse, “See it. Hear it. STOP IT!” All students need to stand up to bullying. Tell the bully you will NOT allow them to harm another student. Our school environment should be a place where every student feels secure and can learn to the utmost of his ability. Tell a trusted adult if you do not feel comfortable intervening with a bully. The “bystander” has power! Report it anonymously to the school in the form of a written note, but DO SOMETHING. Contact A.C.T. NOW for information or to report a concern at All proceeds from sales go toward our antibullying effort. THANK YOU!

Please honor Alex’s memory by being kind and nice to all you encounter, “BE NICE. IT MATTERS!”

See it. Hear it.