2014 Charity Fund Raiser Golf Outing

posted Jun 3, 2014, 7:59 AM by Andrew Rheaume   [ updated Jun 3, 2014, 8:03 AM ]

Annual Northmen Club Charity sponsors the 
Alex Harrison Memorial
Student Scholarship Program 

4 Person Scramble Silent Auction, Raffle, 
Hole prizes and skins at Emerald Vale Golf Course 

Manton, MI 


$65 per person 

We Need Sponsors! 

We are looking for sponsors for: 

Hole Sponsor - $150 

Table Sponsor - $100 

Cart Sponsor - $50 

Sponsors will have their name displayed on signage, as well as on handouts and will be recognized at the dinner! Hole sponsors will get a 2x3ft sign on their hole.

The Alex Harrison Memorial Foundation is now a tax deductible organization. 

For more information or to Sponsor, please contact: 

Tom Harrison - 231.775.0316 

Tom’s Cell - 231.878.8565 

Dean Jurik - 231.499.8519 


Your support is needed and appreciated! 



See it, Hear it, Stop it. 


Saturday, June 21, 2014

Registration: 8:00-8:30 am

Photo: 8:45 am

Tee Off: 9:00 am

First Person on The Last Page: Seeing It, Hearing It, Stopping It

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by Patricia (P. K.) Harrison

I have been a speech-language pathologist since 1983—the last 11 years in the public school system. I've always loved my job and enjoyed knowing that I help kids succeed despite their obstacles and differences. But one day, my job and mission became very personal.

On Feb. 7, 2009, our precious 16-year-old son, Alex, took his life after being the target of bullying so intense he saw no other way out. My husband found his lifeless body near a big maple tree one-half mile off our property, shot through the heart with a note nearby stating, "I love you guys. I am sorry, but I just cannot take it anymore."

Sadly, my husband and I did not even know the extent of what he had been enduring. All we saw was our beautiful, wonderful son. Alex was an amazing, intellectually gifted child (150 IQ), who was like his peers in so many ways. He was one rank away from being an Eagle Scout, participated on the tennis and ski teams at his school, loved video games, and had a nice group of friends, a girlfriend, and a loving, close-knit family.

But with his gifts, however, came social differences. Alex was shy and quiet until he came to know and trust you. This "quiet differentness" made him an easy target, one who did not fight back. All of us who work with kids know the ones who are "different" for any reason can become targets. If no one stands up for them, and they don't stand up for themselves, they remain a target.

So, how did this happen to us, to our son? We have asked the same thing over and over and over. It seems many of our schools have become places where unkindness has become the norm.

When unkindness is allowed to flourish with no one calling students on their behavior, the norm is created. "Bullycide," sadly, is now the vernacular more and more families are facing. Our son took his life after the bullying became too frequent, too intense. Yes, bullying has always been around, but with the influences of social and other negative media, kids cannot escape its grasp. It's 24-7.

Those of us in education must to do a better job of watching what is happening outside our rooms, in the hallways, on the playgrounds, and in the lunchrooms. We can no longer say, "I don't have time. It's not my problem. I am sure they will work it out."

I urge you to become involved in anti-bullying efforts at your schools. Every single staff member is responsible for making sure kids are in a safe and secure learning environment. It's too late for Alex, but it is not too late for all of the kids in all of the schools we serve. Take a stand and help them. 

Patricia (P. K.) Harrison, MA, CCC-SLP, is a clinician at Wexford Missaukee Intermediate School District in Cadillac, Mich. Contact her at tompkalex@aol.com. To honor Alex's memory, visit his Facebook page, In Loving Memory of  Alex Harrison (seeithearitstopit), or visit http://seeithearitstopit.org. 

Hello Everyone.

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"In the end, you will not remember the words of your enemies, 

but the silence of your friends" -Martin Luther King Jr.

How profound my husband Tom and I find this quote after the tragic death of our son, Alex C. Thomas Harrison on February 7th, 2009. Alex was a very unique and wonderful soul. He was a genius, literally, but he did not want his classmates to know that. Sometimes, when you are different for any reason, you can become a target. When people don’t understand you, you can become a target. When you do not defend yourself, and no one else defends you, you can remain a target.

Alex’s bullying was not physical, it was verbal, taunting and rumors about his character,  unkind words in the hallways, in the lunchroom. He did not tell us. He did not tell his favorite teacher, his Scout leaders or his friends. He chose to take it on his own and try to endure. He had great friends, a very nice girlfriend and a large and loving family. His decision to end his life, with the words, “I just can’t take it anymore” has devastated our life and has hit many people and the community hard.

Bullying has been identified as the number one problem facing students today. It’s bigger than drugs, alcohol or sex. It hits even harder because kids can’t escape once they leave school. There’s the cell phones and text messages, IM and Facebook and MYSpace.

In Alex’s honor, and in hopes of making it better, a community group, A.C.T. NOW has formed. It is our mission in life to honor Alex and have him never be forgotten. We have bracelets, T-shirts and car decals which espouse, “See it. Hear it. STOP IT!” All students need to stand up to bullying. Tell the bully you will NOT allow them to harm another student. Our school environment should be a place where every student feels secure and can learn to the utmost of his ability. Tell a trusted adult if you do not feel comfortable intervening with a bully. The “bystander” has power! Report it anonymously to the school in the form of a written note, but DO SOMETHING. Contact A.C.T. NOW for information or to report a concern at actnowcadillac@gmail.com. All proceeds from sales go toward our antibullying effort. THANK YOU!

Please honor Alex’s memory by being kind and nice to all you encounter, “BE NICE. IT MATTERS!”

See it. Hear it. 


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